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H. Samuel Smith - Curriculum Vitae

H. Samuel Smith is President of Coast Diversified Consulting Services. He attended Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, California. He has over thirty-five years of direct experience in risk management, including insurance purchasing, coverage analysis, market selection, price negotiation strategy, risk identification, broker performance, claims auditing and claims standards.

Mr. Smith has personally audited in excess of 30,000 claims in his career. His claim audit results have been utilized in tax disputes with the Internal Revenue Service, bankruptcy insolvency proceedings, self-insured collateral disputes and fully-insured dividend and retrospective premium settlements. He has qualified as an expert witness in claims handling disputes in federal court, superior court (California) and before the Insurance Commissioner. He has testified for both insurance companies and policyholders. Most recently, he completed a review of a California-based insurance company which resulted in a virtual revamping of claim procedures and systems.

As a qualified expert in Workers' Compensation, Mr. Smith testified in the following cases with these direct recoveries: Notrica - $5,400,000; MacGregor Yachts - $300,000; Tricor - $250,000; Westward Ho - $2,500,000.

His background includes over nineteen years as a direct claim consultant/auditor and prior brokerage experience as a senior account executive. Prior to that, his entire work history was claims management and claims auditing.

He holds a valid California self-insurance certificate and is a professional member of the California Self-Insurer Association. He was a member of the state-wide insurance committee of the California Chamber of Commerce and has done extensive speaking and training in the area of workers' compensation in California. Specifically, he has given educational presentations at the following organizations:

  • Risk Insurance Management Society, Van Nuys, California
  • California Association of Hospital Risk Managers, Anaheim, California
  • California Self-Insured's Association, Annual Meeting
  • Associated General Contractors of California, Management Seminar
  • California Association of Temporary Services, Annual Meeting
  • California Association of Drunk Driver Treatment Programs, San Diego, California
  • National Association of Safety Engineers, Inland Empire, San Bernardino, California
  • California Labor Letter Seminar, San Diego, California
  • California Chamber of Commerce, State-wide Insurance Committee, San Francisco, CA
  • United Agribusiness League, Annual Meeting, Guadalajara, Mexico
  • Adventists Health System West, Training Seminar, Roseville, California
  • Paula Insurance Company, Agents and Brokers, Training Seminar, Oxnard, California

Stephen H. Stock - Curriculum Vitae

Stephen H. Stock is a Principal of Coast Diversified Consulting and has over 25 years experience in the manufacturing world, holding senior management positions in the areas of Finance and Operations. Mr. Stock has established manufacturing facilities in the United States as well as in Mexico, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Mr. Stock has extensive experience with both privately held and large public companies, working with Public Accounting firms to insure not only the accuracy of the financial statements, but the viability of the companies themselves. He also has managed mergers and acquisitions, and worked on a consulting basis in bankruptcy recovery.

In the area of Human Resources, Mr. Stock has developed employee handbooks relative to the employment and retention of employees and has created employee safety/training programs for OSHA compliance and loss control. Mr. Stock continually addresses large employers and insurance professionals in the area of claims control and work place accident investigation.

For the past eleven years, Mr. Stock has been working directly with the actual claim files to ensure that payments and reserves are an accurate reflection of their component to the final cost of the claim by carefully examining the areas of temporary disability, permanent disability, return to work opportunities, medical benefits and allocated loss expenses. Using tools developed through Coast Diversified's Claim Closer program, Mr. Stock works hand in hand with the claims adjuster or defense attorneys to ensure a realistic action plan that will bring a claim to closure with the best possible result.

Mr. Stock is very active in his local community, coaching Little League and youth soccer. Mr. Stock has been involved with the YMCA Adventure Guides as a group leader.

Mr. Stock received his Bachelors degree in Business Administration from California State University at Fullerton, with an emphasis Production Operations, and holds current certification as a California Self Insurance Administrator.