“After much consternation and feeling of neglect from our third-party administrator for workers compensation, we looked for someone who could confirm or deny our suspicions.  Our contact with Coast Diversified
Consulting Services was professional and responsive while they also performed records review with an unbiased, professional, and discriminating eye.  Their input resulted in affirmation of significant problems and was the critical factor in problem-resolution for our company with our third-party administrator.”

Bill Drennan
San Diego, California

“As a risk manager whose client has struggled with large CA workers compensation exposure we have been pleased to recommend Coast Diversified Consulting Services. This firm has consistently provided a thorough review of claim factors and offered counsel to the insured and involved adjusters. They have also provided a continual monitor of claim activity by review of claim file notes. Coast Diversified has been a good advocate for the client and a professional support recognizing specific requirements of workers compensation procedures.”

Paul McVearry
INSPRO Insurance Agency, Inc.
Dallas, Texas

“Without Coast Diversified piloting us through the California Workers Compensation shoals, ACI would have shipwrecked.  Our 80 employees would have lost not only their workplace coverage, but their health plan, retirement plan, and paycheck. From expert witness, to consulting on policy's and providers, to trusted business advisors, Sam and Steve have never once steered us wrong.”  

Kent F. Brown, COO and VP
ACI Postal Systems
Long Beach, California

"Although they joined the team on short notice and under significant time constraints, Sam and Coast Diversified provided excellent litigation support of our client’s claims against its former workers compensation insurance carrier.  Their thorough review and concise presentation of conclusions led directly to a successful outcome for our client.  Although a stranger to our client before the litigation, I am sure Coast Diversified has earned a new business client to help it avoid similar situations in the future."

Kirk S. MacDonald, Esq.
Gill and Baldwin, LLP
Glendale, California